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Vasili is an NYC-based jewelry design studio founded by Bill Malkotsis that specializes in hand-woven chains. Each chain is created with a custom weave for a signature aesthetic that's made to last.

3d model of head with silver earring

Attention to Details

A minimal and clean aesthetic was chosen to best highlight Vasili's self-developed, highly complex hand-woven technique. Crisp imagery stands out on a clean slate that allows visitors to appreciate the precise pieces. Subtle interactive elements such as a graffiti application tool pay homage to the jeweler's graffiti and BMX background.

3D Intersection

The collection was photographed and placed on 3D models as supplementary product photography. The bright silver over the gloss black texture of the models added exaggerated contrasts to showcase the jewelry in a surreal environment.

Detail Imagery

Each piece was meticulously photographed to highlight the details in the technique and creation. Modeled images show distinct angles in which viewers can understand how the jewelry was created to be fully functional art pieces.

Platform Extension

Social content from the light and dark product photography added variable content types for diversity. The 3D product images offer a flexibility that traditional product photography can't achieve.

3d model of person wearing earring
3d model hand wearing metal ring
3d model black texture
3d model hand wearing silver ring

Interactive Graffiti

As a way of translating the artist’s graffiti and BMX background, the site features an interactive graffiti application. Minimizing the navigation reveals a spray can icon that, when clicked, turns the screen into a drawable canvas. The site's interactive canvas promotes user engagement by allowing users to submit the graffiti created over the site's gridded product photography. Sharing these images not only increases engagement between the user and brand, but also showcases the product every time it's shared.

mobile and desktop screenshot of vasili web design
screenshot of web design for jewelry product page
mobile screenshot of graffiti on web canvas
screenshot of product page web design for emerald ring
mobile screenshot of graffiti on web canvas
product photography of custom woven silver necklace
product photography of custom woven bracelet with v clasp


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