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Created by a team of psychologists, therapists, designers, and makers with decades of experience, Therapy Notebooks are a curated tool that provide an approachable and practical framework for users to become self empowered with scientifically-proven exercises and prompts.

therapy notebooks spine

Extending a Physical Essence

The digital identity of Therapy Notebooks is one that emulates the tactile and personal nature of the tool itself. Extending the brand to the digital space involves a considered approach to how the notebook is experienced when it's not being held. Through a balance of cool and rich tones, text and photography, the digital product compliments its physical self.

TN wordmark white logo over blue background
TN wordmark white logo over grey background


Therapy Notebooks connects deeply with those who use it. For the identity to be as impactful, the color palette, typography, and photography are all positioned in a way that evokes a familiar feeling—striking a balance between beauty and science.


The logotype is a simple variation of the brand typography for clarity and consistency. The logomark features a seamless connection between the brand's initials that provides a secondary logo for use in alternative settings like social media and the mobile website.

Brand Colors

Slight variations of the notebook's material palette retain a close connection to the physical book while adding richer on-screen contrast.

close up of therapy notebooks spine design
inside of therapy notebooks pages

eCommerce Experience

The eCommerce experience, though designed with conversion in mind, communicates the identity and product in a way that tells the story of the notebook and the science behind it.


Created by a team of psychologists, therapists, and designers, the book was created with scientifically-proven exercises and prompts. This pragmatic approach was translated to the site to provide an approachable and practical framework for visitors to learn about the tool and science.

Index Tagging

Each image on the site includes a numbered tag that is referenced at the bottom of the page. Once a visitor reaches the bottom, they are able to click on the tag and be anchored back to that section. This tagging method allows for easy navigation while communicating a sense of technicality.


Soft, clean imagery creates a thoughtfully curated aesthetic that is meant to strike a balance between empathetic and scientific, while making sure to never feel clinical. The photography reflects the brand's commitment to approachable comfort.

mobile screenshot of shopify product page
mobile screenshot of learn more cta
mobile screenshot of homepage with product photography


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