Selected Work

Solo Brightest

Identity, 3D Modeling & Rendering

Solo brightest is a Los Angeles-based label & artist collective that speaks to a crowd of trendsetters whose lives are constantly influenced by the ever-changing, fast-paced world around them. The brand reflects the diversity of artists they represent across various platforms through an index of elements with a dynamic palette.

gradient bubbles floating above text

Modular Brand Index

The brand identity of Solo Brightest focuses on creating not only a static identity, but a series of modular elements that can be adapted to new platforms and ever-changing trends. This flexibility allows for limitless customization, crucial to the longevity of an evolving brand. Primary playful fonts speak to the unafraid enthusiasts of Solo Brightest, while bold secondary fonts allow for crisp, clean messaging.

instagram mockup of gradient uses
3d modeled pineappe over text

Color Palette

Transforming the traditional static color palette, a gradient formation creates a dynamic set of colors that can be customized to accommodate limitless categorization. The abstract approach of color blending inspires creative fluidity and embodies the ever-changing approach of the digital age.

Social Identity

To keep in line with the brand identity, the recommended artist spotlight design features a central circle where the artist’s image would be placed, surrounded by the wear your crown tagline. This tagline could remain static or be turned into an animation with the text rotating around the central image. Tags on the lower left hand corner could be used to signify the type of artist, genre, style, or naming.


The primary Logotype uses a variation of Nostra — the perfect harmony of legibility, boldness, and playfulness that captures the Solo Brightest brand essence. Its gridded block form is contrasted by rounded interior shapes that mimics the logo design.Its versatility is shown through its multiple uses.

pink and blue poster on brick wall

Logotype Uses

The logotype can be used alone or paired with the logomark. It can be stacked left aligned, stacked center, or written out in one line. It can be used strictly as an outline, filled in solid, or filled in as a color gradient. This flexibility creates endless possibilities for digital and print assets, while its memorable form allows for continued brand recognition.

abstract pineapple logo
artist spotlight instagram layout
yellow and blue gradient shape over black background

Dynamic Gradients

To ensure structure and cohesion among the designs, each gradient uses 3 colors from the approved 15 brand colors. This allows for a variety of color combinations that work on their own or together as a unit. These colors are imagined to be used as playful backdrops, categorizing talent, spotlight features, and interesting print materials.


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