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SNÜX is a contemporary ski brand using patented technology to create warmth-benefitting overboots. The boots feature COZYTECH® which is an advanced thermal garment technology to deliver heat-generating qualities and enhanced thermodynamic control.

gradient heatmap texture over lines

Multi-Dimensional eCommerce

The SNÜX brand is a complex synthesis of minimal aesthetic and technical design. The site's primary goal is to guide the user through each page while educating about the product's technical benefits and highlighting its innovative design. By using interactive 3D elements and responsive animations, the site delivers an engaging experience that spotlights the product's key features throughout.

3D Integration

Users have the ability to interact with the 3D product asset. Through rotation and zoom, the product details can be examined and the over-shoe and can be previewed on the boot itself. This use of technology further extends the product's technical core.

Technical Information

A swipe-able modal is shared between the index and product page. This modal contains the core information of the COZYTECH® nanomembrane technology and the NASA lab thermal imagery. Its presence in various forms throughout makes the information highly accessible.

Dynamic Variants

SNÜX Overboots are available in four colorways — all accessible from a single page to optimize conversion. Variants are toggled by clicking the boot thumbnail in the grid which triggers its corresponding render inside of product frame.

multi-colored gradient texture of heat map
3d model of interactive snux product
overlapping windows of snux website screenshot

User Animation

SNÜX product photography is placed under each CTA window to add depth to the page. As the content is scrolled, the product rotates or fans depending on the user's position.

Single window screenshot of snux website design

Compact Features

All variants and product information is contained within a single viewport. This optimizes conversation and increases accessibility for product information. Composition, details, care, and sizing fill the right-hand frame and a modal containing the core COZYTECH® information slides in when clicked respectively.

mobile frame of snux home page cta
mobile screenshot of snux product page design
mobile screenshot of about section with product image


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