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Recess is a sparkling water infused with hemp extract and adaptogens to promote calm focus. This interactive experience was developed in collaboration with Recess to create a new launch type for the online world.

3d modeled scene of recess drinks

Interactive Digital Launch

The game was designed to give users an alternative option to experiencing a launch. With the real estate market's growing interest in developing applications that make it possible to virtually view spaces, the idea is to introduce the brand in a similar fashion — illustrating their capabilities in a provocative manner. The game suggests the possibilities of a virtual identity acting in place of, or being supplementary to the brick and mortar component. It also looks at the future of digital collaborations and marketing alternatives for reducing waste of both product and monetary resources.

unity game design with interactive recess drinks
3d modeled recess drinks cans in unity game


Recess assets were modeled and rendered using Maya. The game was developed using the Unity platform. This gave users the ability to walk through the digital environment and experience a launch first-hand from the comfort of their desk.

Game Experience

The launch experience incorporates a game component where green puddles reduce the life of the player. Once the player's life has depleted, a can of recess needs to be retrieved to regain life and continue socializing.

Brand Consistency

The aesthetic of the environment was chosen to reflect the Recess brand. The floating arches are positioned on the wall with the steps acting as shelving for the cans.


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