Brand Identity, 3D Modeling & Rendering

Longday is a streetwear clothing and lifestyle brand developing contemporary fashion that reflects the close-knit community of its creators. Each piece is individually stitched, embroidered, or printed and released in a limited quantity to ensure each garment is personal and considered.

3d modeled letter over red tie die

Branding a Lifestyle

Long Day is a visual collection of never-ending days chasing whatever, wherever. An identity that stretches as long as the day, modular and adaptive to its surroundings. Fitting perfectly on any piece—shifting from a compact icon to an elongated typography. The responsive identity produces a catalogue of forms to fit an infinite amount of digital and print needs. Its flexibility removes the boundaries traditionally set by static identities and future-proofs with scalability.

3d modeled rotating logo
circle green tie die texture


A progression of the identity stretching to fit the needs of its environment. Exterior letters are rounded to wrap the interior content. All interior letters are inherently derived from the circle except for the ‘N’ which remains linear. The linear form of the ‘N’ allows for two key functions: 1. bend at the joints-—stretching the length of the logo. 2. collapse itself into an iconic, minimal logomark.

Compact Mark

The flexibility of the ‘N’ adds a dynamic layer to the logomark similar to the logotype. When collapsed, the icon can stand alone as the logomark or used as a type of asterisk to give further explanation, add commentary, or provide detail within signage, campaigns, social, tags, etc. A week consists of 7 long days, but no two days are the same. The asterisk is a reflection of the subtle variations that makes each long day unique.


The primary logotype is a subtle form of the name, Long Day. Rounded edges are consistent with the trope of the endless circle, the sun’s rotation, etc. By using two variations of the circle—rotated & scaled—the logotype takes on a clean and iconic form that escapes repetitiveness while the flexibility of the ‘N’ lends itself to modularity.

streetwear logo sweatshirt and sweatpants
Longday logo hoodie in black
streetwear logo sweatpants with plaid shirt
streetwear logo sweat set in black
black streetwear sweatshirt with grey sweatpants


The stretching of the 'n' allows for the logo to be implemented on various garments and fit within its container. This variation helps escape repetition and let the logo react to the design instead of visa versa.

orange and tan tie die texture

Textural Versatility

The responsive and compact identity provides a dynamic set of marks while maintaining a minimal aesthetic. This ensures that the design can incorporate a wide range of textures and materials without the logo interfering.


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