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Common Things Uncommon Beauty is the portfolio site of Arthur Gibson. Arthur is a photographer and poet who's most known for his extensive collection of haiku / photo pairings. This site acts as an archive for the hundreds of pairs he's developed over his career.

grid of photographs in portrait and landscape

A Visual Archive

Arthur's archive of work is an accumulation of haikus and photo pairings that he created every day over a three year period. This produced a diverse set of work with interesting context. Common Things Uncommon Beauty archives the hundreds of pairings in an index that can be filtered by category.

Visualizing the Archive

The main page visualizes the archive as a faded grid in 12 columns. The small thumbnails across the columns immediately illustrate the breadth of work for the viewer.

Filtering the Index

The index is split into three main categories: nature, things, and people. To keep the primary focus on the images, the filter and menu are accessed by toggling the circles on the edge of the frame. Title typography frames the corners the site which navigate back to the main index.

Displaying Each Piece

Each haiku / photo pairing is displayed side by side and centered in the frame. All pairs have their own page. Left and right arrows replace the menu and filter buttons in the outer frame to chronologically cycle through the index.

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web design for photographer and poet
web design with photo of mountains
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